dr. payal adhikari

the cheeky doc
Payal is a pediatrician at Child and Adolescent Health Associates in the Gold Coast and loves all things healthy. Born and raised in Chicago, she moved to Singapore for high school and returned to her favorite Chi-city to attend Northwestern University.


In addition to practicing pediatrics, Payal is an Ethics Fellow at the University of Chicago, allowing her to dive into controversial topics of medicine and enjoy the occasional bike ride to Hyde Park. She has published on topics from obesity to cancer, and is eager to continue a career in clinical and academic medicine.


When she’s not getting her doctor-on, Payal enjoys photography, home workout DVDs and traveling the world.

Get (Your) Physical with Payal (Past Articles)

favorite dessert:

"Homemade chocolate chip skillet cookie with mint chocolate chip ice cream."

guilty pleasure:

"Eating leftover Pequod's pizza dipped in full fat ranch dressing while watching The People's Court."