dina dicostanzo

Dina joins the Cheeky team during (and in between) her time living the dream as a performer-of-all-trades in and around Chicago.  Until now, Dina’s written musings could only be found on Facebook in the form of American Idol kvetching and on Yelp meticulously judging cupcakes. She is glad to be expanding her repertoire with the Cheekiest gals around.


When not on stage, screen or film, she can be seen toddlin’ around town as a regular of the Chicago swing dance scene, digging around vintage shops for dresses to add to her collection and, well, eating cupcakes in the city she’s spent her entire life in. Chicago. Her kind of town.

Jazz It Up with Dina (Past Articles)

favorite dessert:

"A strawberry cupcake from Sprinkles Bakery!"

guilty pleasure:

"The Bachelor. Yes, Ben really picked Courtney."