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Behaving Badly’s Jennifer Blake

Jennifer Blake Talks Shop about the New Hit Behaving Badly

August 1, 2014

“I felt like the new kid in school when I first got there,” Jennifer Blake said (of the Behaving Badly set), “but everyone was really warm, and we all had a lot of fun.” The new kid metaphor is fitting for the comedy about a high school boy, played by Nat Wolff, trying to get his dream girl, played by Selena Gomez. Oh, and the film also stars Gary Busey, Heather Graham, and Elisabeth Shue, who plays a creepy cougar. “Elisabeth Shue was great to work with. She is so funny,” Blake said, her Alabama drawl making her sound like a gal you want to just sit on a porch with and …  Read more

Thunder Strikes Twice

Sharknado's Writer Thunder Levin Dishes On Sharks And Tornados for Sharknado 2: The Second One

July 25, 2014

When writer of Sharknado, Thunder Levin, was asked what to expect in the sequel, Sharknado 2: The Second One, he said, “Well, I think there might be some tornados…and we might have a few sharks.” He paused and then released a chuckle. It’s certainly this type of deadpan humor that made the first movie such a success and almost hard to top. Almost. “This one is even bigger and better,” Levin said. “It takes place in New York City, which automatically makes it bigger and better.” Spoken like a true New Yorker. (I won’t even get into our rather “amicable” pizza debate.) “And that includes a bigger and better chainsaw wielded by …  Read more

What If…You’re Not a Cynic After All?

By: Symone Tripodis

July 11, 2014
cheeky speaks

After a total of eight Harry Potter movies, we thought it would be impossible to see Daniel Radcliffe as anything other than an awkward teenager with round-framed glasses and a wand (not the most attractive scenario). Although, against all odds, Radcliffe has broken down our pre-c0nceived notions and, well, has become a real stud muffin. We know, it’s hard to believe. So see for yourself in this summer’s famed rom com, What If. Besides Radcliffe’s distracting good looks and accent (did he always have that?), What If is a movie about testing the waters. Radcliffe’s character, Wallace, is a heartbroken med school dropout and finds himself as a romantic cynic before …  Read more