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Adrift, A New Play by David Alex

Into the Abyss

by Karim Tonsy – August 3, 2012

Adrift, a New Play by David AlexAdrift, a joint effort by Polarity Ensemble Theatre and Azusa Productions, is a play set in different locations near the ocean, Judd’s office, a classroom, a hospital park, Judd’s home and Jack’s home. The play features a really great cast of actors including James Eldrenkamp as Jack, Colin Henry Fewel as Issac, Gary Murphy as Judd and Eric Ryan Swanson as Tom.

Issac Abbas, a devoted and loving son, wanders adrift in search of answers: “How can I forgive myself for the choices I made?” We see Issac’s ireverence as a child, flippancy as a teen and sincere compassion as an adult. The memory of his father Jack – a Naval officer who suffered from Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome – haunts him.

As a high school teacher, Isaac attempts to help his student Tom reconcile with his father Judd who is also Isaac’s principal. Fathers and sons grow and learn from each other as they confront and make decisions concerning definitions of truth, loyalty and accountability.

The feature of the set I love, love, loved the most was the effect of the painted acquatic floor, seemingly spinning the characters on stage into the abyss. An intense red projector light signals Jack’s traumatic relapses.

The production team of Dennis Mae (Scenic Design), Staci Weigum (Costume Design), Jake Bray (Lighting Design), Jenna Moran (Sound Design) and Zoe Claster (Stage Manager) succeed in creating an eerie, surreal aquatic atmosphere without distracting from the message.

Adrift plays at the Greenhouse Theatre Center’s upstairs studio at 2257 N. Lincoln Ave. through August 26.

About the Author: Karim Tonsy

Karim Tonsy is an international choreographer from Cairo, Egypt who is currently choreographing and dancing all over Chicago, along with teaching group fitness classes at Equinox Fitness. He is an avid theatre nerd.