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5 Talking Points for the Blackhawks vs. Bruins Stanley Cup Finals

Act Like a Lady, Talk Sports Like a Man

by Monica Murphy-Vargas – June 13, 2013

Chicago BlackhawksOkay, it’s time to start paying attention. After a condensed 48-game season (thanks to that ridiculous NHL lockout) and three playoff rounds later, the Blackhawks have headed back to the Stanley Cup Finals where they are facing the Boston Bruins (congrats on a big win last night!). This is the Hawks’ second time in the Stanley Cup Finals in three years and this team is in an even better position than before to bring another championship title back to our sports-obsessed city.

If you’ve been casually watching the first three rounds of the NHL Playoffs, now is the time to really schedule your extracurricular activities around theses last seven potential games and get dialed in. Our city has already been in full-blown Blackhawks playoff mode for the last month, but things are about to get extreme.

You may recall the summer of 2010 when the Hawks last won the Stanley Cup: our city celebrated in a drunken stupor for the next month as random appearances by Blackhawks carrying the Cup around bars became all the rage. Get ready for that and more as our city now has twice as many Hawks fans.

No one has to know that you opted to catch up on Downton Abbey over the Blackhawks when you had a choice these last few weeks. You can still get in on the Blackhawks and Boston chatter and live in the Stanley Cup Finals moment these next two weeks. Just be sure to put these five critical details to memory before engaging in Hawks/Bruins conversations.

An Original Six Match-Up: This match-up makes NHL fans salivate because it’s two members of the Original Six: Chicago, Boston, Detroit, Montreal, New York and Toronto; the first six teams that made up the NHL from 1943-1967 before expansion teams.

Both Teams Have the Momentum: The Bruins just swept the favored #1 seeded Pittsburgh Penguins in four games to reach the finals and the Hawks put away the defending Stanley Cup champs – the LA Kings in – five games. Both teams are coming in HOT, but the Bruins have a slight advantage with the sweep.

Big Bodies vs. Speed: The Bruins are physically a bigger and stronger team than the Hawks and have more fierce hits during the playoffs to prove it. The Hawks are faster and more agile. These two teams match up incredibly well in all other areas and are loaded with talent and depth.

Sound These Out First: Tukka Rask (TOOK-AH) – the Finnish goaltender for the Bruins has been unstoppable; the must know name in this series. Zdeno Chara (ZUH-DAY-NO) – at 6’9″, this guy is tough to miss – the Captain of the Bruins is one of the best defensemen in the league and will be a pest for the Hawks this series. Know these guys. Watch for them.

Tuukka Rask

Will the Hawks’ Big Guns Show Up? Hawks Captain Jonathan Toews (TAYVZ) – we hope you know that by now) – has been horrible these playoffs, scoring only one goal after leading the team in goals this season. Patrick Kane – until Game 5 vs. LA when he had a breakout game with three goals (called a hat trick) -was also struggling until recently. For the Hawks to get past the Bruins, they need all of the stars scoring and playing their best.

Need more? Check out SportsDivas, Inc. daily for the must know details and the hottest sports news all with a woman’s POV. And remember ladies, this is the Stanley Cup Finals – essentially history in the making. Get out there and enjoy the excitement, the crowds, the energy, and the game – because if the Hawks do what they are capable of, I can guarantee someday you’ll be telling the story of the Hawks 2013 Season – and what a season it was!

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Monica Murphy-Vargas is the Founder of SportsDivas, Inc., the web-based sports and lifestyle magazine that streamlines the hottest sports news - all with a woman’s style and perspective.

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